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Dark Whispers

Dark WhispersShe is so still, so relaxed, so ready as she lies on the stainless steel, her breathing slow and steady, her gaze unfocused. There is just time for a small whisper, a soft encouragement of hope, before the darkness slides her entirely into his honing hands. He leans over and breathes into her ear, “I”m going to do something very special for you now. Cut it all away and make it neat. And when you wake up, you’re going to be just perfect.”

Between the anaesthesia and the awakening, are the dark whispers.

When a patient describes an experience of mental torture and sexual mutilation by a gynaecologist at the private hospital where she works, psychologist Megan Wright decides to investigate. Determined to find out the truth and stop the abuse, but bound to silence by the ethics of confidentiality, Megan must enter the dark mind of a dangerously disturbed man.

Dark Whispers is also available in Afrikaans as Skadustemme.

Praise for Dark Whispers:

“Read this thriller. It’s gripping – so shocking you won’t be able to breathe until you get to the end.” Mike Nicol (Payback, Killer Country, Black Heart, Of Cops and Robbers)

“A chilling exploration of human vulnerability and cruelty, a terrifying and throughly entertaining read.” Amanda Coetzee (Flaming June, Bad Blood, Redemption Song)

Dark Whispers is available at Protea bookstores throughout South Africa, or online here, will be at Exclusive Books and the best indie book stores within days, and is available in ebook from Kalahari here for a terrific introductory price.

I know these fabulous Indie stores have already ordered: Bibliophilia and The Book Lounge in Cape Town, Love Books in Melville, Joburg and Book Boutique in Amanzimtoti.

EAN: 9781485300151
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Rock Steady
Samantha Steadman, and her best friends smart-mouthed Jessie Delaney and politician’s daughter Nomusa Gule, are back at boarding school, in grade 9, and they are up against a whole new set of challenges.

Their creepy new Science teacher – the Poison Dwarf – takes delight in tormenting Sam, and she’s started counting and checking everything in a way that has her friends worried about her sanity. Add to that Sam’s determination to uncover and stop the illegal trade in San rock art, a blossoming new romance (or two), and a dangerous survival competition in the mountains which will endanger the trio’s lives, and Sam will need all her wits and courage to stand steady.

Together they will need to find the strength to cope, and the hope that comes from knowing that individuals can make a difference.

The eco-warriors are back in this funny, exciting sequel to Turtle Walk. This time they aim to save the country’s invaluable rock art heritage, but along the way, they will discover that there are other things worth taking a stand for.

ISBN-13: 9781869199036
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Turtle Walk
When Samantha Steadman starts high school at a boarding school in the Ukahlamba Drakensberg mountains, little does she know that she will soon be engaged in an ecological war for the survival of the endangered leatherback turtle.

Samantha and her friends – rich and sassy Jessie Delaney, and cabinet minister’s daughter Nomusa Gule – take the fight from the classroom to the open seas. Their adventures range from dangerous night-time skirmishes with illegal fishermen, to crazy antics for television cameras.

Back at school, they have to deal with romances and heartbreaks, a joint musical production with the neighbouring boys’ school, encounters with an eccentric bunch of teachers, conflicts with parents and skirmishes with bitter rivals. Together they will need to find the strength to cope, and the hope that comes from knowing that individuals can make a difference.

ISBN-13: 9781869194321
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Jemima Jones & the Great Bear Adventure

Jemima Jones is a little girl who dreams of growing taller and having splendid adventures.

Her mother thinks she’s creative, but her grandmother thinks she’s a story-teller. Her teenage brother calls her a brat, but her father calls her Sweetpea!

Jemima likes to explore and investigate and imagine. Most of all, she loves to press buttons – the bigger and shinier, the better.

It’s a good thing Jemima has a fine imagination because she has never actually met a real pirate, or a kidnapper, or even a man-eating tiger. So when Mrs Jones announces that there’s special treat in store, one that involves a bear, Jemima can’t wait. She goes to sleep dreaming of fierce polar bears and wild grizzlies!

A fantastic adventure awaits Jemima and her new friend Ravi Naidoo – a day stuffed full of excitement and peril (and even some bright, shiny buttons).

ISBN-13: 9781920532048
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Jemima Jones and the Revolving Door of Doom

Jemima Jones is a little girl with an enormous imagination. Her family and teachers do not always understand Jemima. They keep trying to make her neat and quiet and well-behaved. But Jemima loves adventures, exploring and great big machines. Most of all, she loves to press buttons!
When Jemima has to build a giant insect for a school project, she pays a visit to the local hardware store with her father, her good friend Ravi Naidoo, and Ravi’s spoilt brat of a sister.

Jemima comes face to face with a gang of very bad men indeed, and gets involved in a bigger adventure than even she could have imagined!

Who is the man with the dagger tattoo? Will Jemima get to save the day? Will she get to press more buttons? And just how fast can a revolving door go?

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Phoenix Rising: Collected Papers on Harry Potter, 17-21 May 2007

Did you know that dementors are a metaphor for depression, that boggarts symbolise anxiety, and that the Ron-Harry-Hermione and Voldemort-Harry-Hermione triads can be analysed in terms of the id-ego-superego concepts of Freudian theory?

Phoenix Rising was a five-day conference devoted to all things Harry Potter held in May 2007 in New Orleans, Louisiana. The conference featured educational and academic programming presented by scholars, teachers, business and industry professionals, artists, librarians, fans, and others with an interest in the Harry Potter novels, films, and phenomenon. This collection of published papers from the conference includes, “Harry on the Couch: a psychologist’s reading of Harry Potter”, in which Macgregor examines the psychological aspects underpinning this magnificent series.

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